Welcome to School of Music and Arts Magic Sounds!

We offer effective training of a variety of music programs in teaching :




MAGIC SOUNDS SCHOOL is located close to Kogarah and Rockdale area.

You can come to our place or  we can travel to your home  to teach any course you prefer.   

It is never late to discover the world of music .

Come and join our school !

We teach students from beginner  up to advanced  level, train for AMEB exams,

concert performances and music workshops.

Individual and small group classes are available

There are no stickers or other tricky methods for learning keys and notes at our lessons!

Our teaching  approach is based on the traditional  European Music education with a focus on reading and understanding of  the music notation, rhythm.

When you learn music, you feel like mastering another language. The the process of learning music involves the development of four skills: reading, writing, performing and comprehension of music.

Music  is great encouragement and  joy for people of all ages!

 Music enhances  children’s cognitive and intellectual development.     

The ability to read music notation  will facilitate  your  Child’s  cognitive and intellectual development, improves their memory, foster their capabilities in mastering  the language and maths.

It is never late to start learning music for adults.

Music reflects people’s emotions – brings joy and heals our spirits!

There are as many magic sounds as there are countless  stars  in the sky. However, there are only 7 notes in the music alphabet.

Learning music notes and signs will bring in your life:

 A-      Advantage

B-      Beauty

C-      Creativity

D-      Development

E-      Emotions

F-      Fun

G-     Goodness