About us


We cover Brighton-le-Saints, Kogarah, Monterey, Rockdale, Ramsgate, Bexly and close by areas.

We provide effective training for individual and group students.

The classes are held in the school premises as well as we can  travel to the student’s places upon his/her request.

To keep up the high quality of our training we set up the small groups. There is a wide range of group classes, which you may select upon the program or your requirements.

The 30- 45- minutes lessons are designed for a group of two students, but not more than 4 students in the group. Conditions apply.

The 45- 60 minutes lessons are designed for a group of two, four, but not more than six children in the group. Conditions apply.

There is strong parents’ support and participation in our school. There is a parents’ band at our school. The parents prepare concert performances together with their kids.

We teach combined classes for kids and their parents. Both parents and children have fun to learn music together.

The advances of such classes are obvious:

1) Parents are able to help their kids in mastering music literacy;

2) Parents get the right understanding of how the music is taught and what goals should be achieved;

3) Child’ self-esteem and confidence will improve through learning together.

We provide music education through high inspiration!