Adult programs

Individual and small group classes for adults are available for each course.

If you have a dream to play piano or sing, it is never too late to begin learning piano or singing.

Music encourages and heals at any time! Our true emotions and well-being can be expressed through music !

Select any  course you like now!


An adult course for beginners.

An adult course for beginners is designed for the beginner looking for a truly complete piano course that includes lesson, theory, technic and popular repertoire. At the completion of this course, the student would have learned to play some of the most popular music written and would have gained a thorough understanding of the basic concepts of music and would be

Ready to move to the next level.

A reviving course” 

This course is designed for adults, who used to play piano and wish to revive their knowledge and skills to gain further improvement in the piano skills.

An Express course “A Musical Gift “

This unique course is designed for beginners and upper level students. If you want to learn your favourite music piece and play it at your friends or family party, the 10- week’s course will be perfect for you. You will amaze your family or friends by your fantastic performance at the wedding, Christmas or birthday party!

A Course “Harmony” for mums or expectant mothers

This course is designed for mums or expectant mothers who wish to learn the basics of piano and singing so they can teach their kids at early age. The course includes introduction to popular classics and modern music, piano techniques, basics of music theory, lots of fun and positive emotions..

According to the American Research the foetus in the womb receiving the vibration of harmonious music tends to be a musical prodigy.

During this course you will be able to relax, discover your music talents and make your future Child talented and advanced! You will be able to play for your kids the nursery rhymes, lullabies.


Our prices are reasonable and vary upon the course

Prices for individual classes  30 min  $ 40 per person

45 min   $  65

60 min    $ 85

For more details please send us an inquiry or call us  0415 971 915