Kids’ Programs and Courses

Music classes will help your Child to improve their cognitive capabilities, motor and fine skills, memory, boost their self-confidence and facilitate their creativity and musical talents.

A variety of programs are designed for beginners, intermediate and advanced students and can be offered for learning at MAGIC SOUNDS School of Music and Theatre.

Individual and small group classes are available for each course.

Preliminary course for pre-school and kindergarten age children.

Kindergarten preliminary program is designed to prepare young children (4 years old and up) to understand the basic music concepts as music staves, clefs, time signature, note time value, etc. This course will focus on a natural balanced hand position, playing with fingers in a curve hand position. After this course children will move gradually to reading music notation, which is the foundation  of music literacy.

The easiest piano course for beginners (4 levels).

At age 6 and up children may be offered various programs for beginners:

-piano for leisure

-easiest piano course.

Kids learn the basics of music theory , develop technical and musical skills, through playing classics and contemporary tunes.

  AMEB exam training.

The Australian Music Examination board (AMEB) is an independent organisation that examines students against a graded course of the following programs:

- Piano forte (from preliminary to Grade 8 levels)

-Piano for leisure (from preliminary to Grade 8 levels)

-Singing for leisure (from preliminary to Grade 8 levels)

-Musical theatre (from preliminary to Grade 8 levels)

 -Violin (from preliminary to Grade 8 levels)

-Written examinations: theory of music, music craft, musicianship.

A complete beginner will generally take between 1-2 years of study before being competent enough to sit their first (Preliminary) exam. The student of any age can sit for the AMEB exam.

Exams are held twice yearly, towards the middle and the end of each year.

The detailed information about  a particular exam program will be provided upon your request.

Piano course for high school students. Available for beginner and upper level students.    

This course will be effective for those students who want to make music as ‘elective’ unit for their high school study. The course will aim at learning piano skills with a focus on fluency of sight reading, technical work, sound possession etc. Along with the practical piano course students may be offered a course on musicianship and theory of music (upon request). The completion of the course will assist you to pass the audition to follow your career path in music industry.

A variety of leisure courses are available: 

- “Play and Sing” course.

The program is designed for children who are keen to learn playing the instrument and develop singing abilities.

During the course the children enjoy the experience of playing piano and singing.

“Singing through inspiration” course

The program is designed for beginners and those who would like to master singing skills. During the course kids learn basics of theory of music, solo and group singing techniques.

Kids enjoy the experience of singing popular Broadway musicals, classic and modern songs.


The course is effective for late beginners and upper level students who wish to  learn  to play in duets and ensembles. The  students explore the technical work required to play in ensembles.

Drama/Communication course

Start with nothing and learn how to improvise on the stage in every moment. learn fundamental short and long form improvisation skills, improve confidence, explore creative spontaneity and develop fundamental acting skills.

Musical theatre performance group

Students  with experience and without are welcome to join MAGIC SOUNDS Musical theatre performance group.  The students  will be trained  for Theater Projects to be presented at arts competitions, festivals other performance stages.



Our prices are reasonable and vary upon each course.

Prices for group classes (piano, other instruments, singing)  

Piano, other instrument for a 30 min group class (max. 2-4 students) – $22 per child

Piano, other instrument for a 60 min group class (max. 4- 6 students) – $40 per child

Drama/communication course from $22 (one hour)

Prices for individual classes (piano, other instruments, singing) :

30 min lesson $40

45 min lessons start from $65

60 min lessons start from $80 and will vary upon the program.

If your child is enrolled for more than one course, you may be offered a discount.

For more details about prices and courses please send us inquiry or call us 0415 971 915.