Music Theatre

Our Mission:

MAGIC SOUNDS Theatre aims to create and produce artist-driven, community-inspired projects to encourage and expose young talent. The participation in music theatre performances facilitates children’s eagerness to perform and enhances their musical capabilities. Magic Sounds Theatre focuses on delivering original, educational and entertaining content.

Theatre Projects:

 2017- “Hurly Burly 2: Santa’s Christmas adventures”

               Written and Directed by Natalie Mitzikis

This is an original comedy about a mysterious disappearance of Santa on one Christmas Night. A mystical creature called ‘Christmas Master wanted to take over Santa’s Christmas Job and make a Hurly Burly Christmas all over the lands. The mystery must be discovered for Santa to come back and start Christmas celebrations.

Who is this  comedy for:

This comedy is hilarious  show for audience of difference ages from 7 y.o  to 90 y.0

 2016- : “Hurly-Burly on the Musical Island”

Written and Directed by Natalie Mitzikis

Hurly Burly on the Musical Island is an original fantasy story about the fabulous fabled characters of King Bass, Queen Treble, Prince Major, Princess Minor, Puss in Boots and an array of other comical characters and their Christmas adventure to the Musical Island. They will have to find the magic music code to break the spell of an Ice Queen whilst she controls people’s bad moods.

 From the Director:

I had an idea to write a fable story about the power of music. As music reflects people’s lives and emotions. The presence of music is perceived through what we are and what we feel.

An array of original animated characters is introduced to represent some musical concepts. The plot could be a valuable resource for children to learn about musical concepts”.  Natalie Mitzikis

Who is this musical for:

The musical is aimed at families with a focus on participants and audiences from 8- 15 years old.

Magic Sounds is happy to liaise with presenting communities and venues in relation to    workshops and presentations and can consider special deals in return for venue hire.

Magic Sounds looks forward to determining a suitable show and budget for your community and venue’s needs.

If you are interested in our project,  please call 0415 971 915 or send us an email to:

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If you want to join our music theatre group, please click here to send an inquiry.

We welcome creative and technical people, and will value your talent, passion and inspiration in developing and creating new theatre for children.