Music classes help students to improve their cognitive capabilities, boost self-confidence and facilitate their creativity and musical talents. A variety of programs are designed for beginner, intermediate and advanced students.

NOW ONLINE: Music Teaching 

In addition to classes at our studio, we currently also do individual online teaching for the following programs:


Preliminary course for pre-school and kindergarten age children.

-Preliminary program is designed to prepare children (3 years +) to understand basic music concepts such as:

– natural playing position and correct posture.

– reading music notation and signs (clefs, time signature etc.)

– playing basic songs (e.g. Merrily We Roll Along & Hush Little Baby)

AMEB exam training (preliminary to Certificate of Performance):

We currently provide programs to allow our students to develop proficiency in exams under the Australian Music Examination board (AMEB) for the following:


-Piano for leisure

-Singing for leisure


Adult Programs

If you dream to play an instrument or sing, it is never too late to begin learning an instrument like guitar, piano or singing.

Piano/Guitar/Singing course.

An adult course for beginners is designed to learn basics of their chosen instrument including technique, theory, and song playing.

Another course is also designed for adults, who wish to revive their knowledge and skills, and advanced students looking to gain further improvement in their chosen instrument.


General Prices (per instrument, June 2020)

Individual (Kids & Adults)

$40 / 30 mins

$80 / 60 mins

Group lessons (Kids)

$25 / 30 mins

Prices can be negotiable depending on course. Discounts available for multiple children, and/or multiple courses per child.

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